Dr. Baraka Kuguru

PI and coordinator of WP3 activities in Tanzania


Dr. Baraka Kuguru is a Principal Researcher at TAFIRI. He did his doctoral studies at the University of Bar Ilan in Israel in 2008. During his PhD he assessed the Ecophysiology response of the symbiosis association of marine invertebrate (Cnidaria: Corallimorpharia) to variation in environmental variables such as irradiance, temperature and pH. Kuguru has over 25 years of experience in fisheries management, at national and regional levels. He is particularly interested in using different techniques to better understand biological and environmental mechanisms which govern fisheries resources. Currently he is supervising a pilot project using mobile App-Smartcas which has been developed for collection of fisheries catch assessment data in districts of Rufiji, Mafia and Kilwa. He is also a PI of a project aiming at the use of remote sensing technology (employing environmental variables such as SST temperature, Sea surface fronts and Chlorophyll signatures) to identify potential fishing zones for large pelagic fish such as tuna and tuna like species along the Tanzania coast.

In Estuarize-WIO, Kuguru is a PI and coordinator of WP3 activities in Tanzania.

Highest Qualifications

2008, University of Bar Ilan, Israel

Contact Info

Phone : +255 (0) 655 796992
Phone : +255 (0) 685 310554
Email : barakakuguru@gmail.com
Email : barakakuguru@tafiri.go.co