Cosmas Munga

Co-Leader for Work Package 3 (Fisheries)


Cosmas Munga is a Lecturer/Research Fellow at Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) in Kenya, where he coordinates the marine and fisheries undergraduate programme. His research interests include scientific trawl and acoustic surveys of demersal and pelagic fisheries resources, for stock assessments and to determine spatio-temporal distribution patterns. This is not complete without determination of species composition and biological aspects in relation to environmental variables, and the impacts of fishing and climate change on stocks and marine habitats. His research interests extend to artisanal fisheries, and the study of impacts of multiple gears in multi-species fisheries, as well as co-management and socio-economic aspects in advocating for sustainable management of fisheries and aquatic resources. Cosmas regularly uses multivariate techniques in fisheries and ecological data analysis. In Estuarize-WIO, Cosmas is the Co-Leader for Work Package 3 (Fisheries), as well as in-charge of the Kenya studentship programme, where 2 masters students are undertaking their research for thesis.

Highest Qualification

2013, Marine Sciences, Gent University, Belgium