Rodrigues Pita Francisco

Senior Lecturer and Researcher


Rodrigues Pita Francisco holds a BSc degree in Social Sciences (2005) and an MSc degree in Sustainable Aquaculture (2012) from the University of Eduardo Mondlane. He is presently a senior lecturer and researcher at the School of Marine and Coastal Sciences of UEM. He is also head of academic quality at the school. He has participated in, and coordinated, several research and development projects, including the following: socio-economic impacts of artisanal fishing in the Sofala Bank area; women’s involvement in aquaculture in Zambezia Province; socio-economic impacts of aquaculture in family income in Manica Province, central Mozambique; fish farming using inexpensive methods in Gurue district; and evaluation of development programs in Munhiba, Zambezia. In Estuarize-WIO, Rodrigues is responsible for WP2 (socio-economics of user groups) in the Bons Sinais estuary, in central Mozambique.

Highest Qualifications

BSc degree
2005, Social Sciences
2012, Sustainable Aquaculture, University of Eduardo Mondlane