Work Package 1

WP1 – Estuarine biophysical environment, ecological function and natural capital


  • Delineate and ‘Type’ each estuary (biophysical function)
  • Classify land-use around each system (use remote sensing data)
  • Identify and map important habitats (ecology and resource provision)
  • Assess spatio-temporal variability across components
  • Ensure use of common assessment protocols & methods

WP1 – Methods

  • Generic Estuary Assessment Framework
  • Rapid/desktop assessment
  • Remote sensing (satellite images)
  • GIS for habitat & land-use mapping
  • Field visit to ground-truth
  • Biophysical integration – Integrated estuary assessment framework

WP1 – Expected outputs

  • Maps (habitat, land-use)
  • Land use/cover change detection
  • Hydrodynamic models of seasonal differences
  • Conceptual models of ecosystem processes
  • Inputs to WP4