Work Package 3

WP3 – Small-scale fisheries and their effects on trophic dynamics


  • Characterize small-scale fisheries (#fishers, gear and craft types, fishing grounds, catch composition, seasonal & inter-annual fluctuations)
  • Develop size spectra of total catches across gears (selectivity properties)
  • Compare ecological stability across 3 estuaries, based on catch/size distributions/trophic levels
  • [Working hypothesis: Fishing pattern (i.e. selective or balanced) affects ecological stability]

WP3 – Methods

  • Literature review (grey and published)
  • Frame and CAS surveys (use 90% existing data)
  • Seasonal field trips (2), to sample fish markets, landing sites (species comp and length-weight) and gear measurements (selectivity)
  • Fisheries & ecological analysis toolboxes used
  • Common protocols across the 3 estuaries used

WP3 – Expected outputs

  • Cleaned formatted datasets for use in WP4
  • Conversion factors, species and size composition of catches, gear selectivity for use in WP4
  • Size spectra of catches (by species , genus, ecological groups, or gear category) for use in ecological models
  • Comparative study of fisheries across 3 estuaries