Work Package 4

WP4 – Socio-ecological modelling and regional comparison


  • Identify / quantify linkages and feed-back loops in SES
  • Assess resilience and adaptive capacity of the SES to social and environmental pressures
  • Model the effects of different scenarios (i.e. exploitation strategies; natural perturbations; governance strategies) on livelihoods and ecological functioning

WP4 – Methods

  • Consensual description of community resources and concerns (participatory approach)
  • Formalize into parameterized FCM of inter-relationships and feed-back loops
  • Refine understanding of decision-making, vulnerability and resilience through repeated interactions
  • Demonstrate semi-quantitative models to assist governance bodies with decisions, through simulations of potential outcomes
  • work-package-4-expected-outputs-estuarize-wio-socio-ecological-modelling-regional-comparison

    WP4 – Expected outputs

    • Model (Analytic Network Process or Cost-Benefit Analysis) that predicts effects of changes in exploitation patterns or management decisions
    • Comparative analysis across WIO